Meet Angry Birds in cinema now

Attention all Angry Bird fans! Starting today, the Angry Birds also fly across the cinema screen. The 12th of May is the release date for the adventure action film in Germany. How the game app got transformed into a narrative and consequently into a film? Click here!


The film’s plot incorporates all elements of the app: The residents of an island, all of them different colorful feathered birds, live a happy and relaxed life, until suddenly a green invasion of pigs takes place:

The wait will soon come to an end: Game of Thrones Season 6!

Since the last episode of the fifth season aired in June 2015, fans of the fantasy series Game of Thrones have been eagerly waiting to know how the series will continue. Now, the wait is almost over: on April 24, 2016, the sixth season will premiere. To make us look forward even more to it, a trailer has finally been released – of course, it’s multilingually available here. We have put together the most important background information about the series and the known information about the new season so far (including filming locations and new characters).

GamingSpot: new division of alugha

Since august, alugha offers a new division: GamingSpot! The latest game trailers are posted regularly on the homepage and the facebook page of GamingSpot – of course all multilingual. According to a current representative survey, computer and video games are getting more and more popular in Germany, we can talk of a phenomenon concerning society as a whole. With our new offer we do not only facilitate an easy reception of multilingual game trailers for the active gamers in Germany, but the gamer community worldwide.

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens

The legendary space saga continues: the seventh episode of Star Wars will be opening in German theatres on December 17, 2015. Ticket sales have already begun two days ago. Until now, only short teasers were shown but Disney finally released the final full-length trailer. An official film poster was also revealed.

Let’s talk! Andreas, our expert for multilingual video game trailers

Shortly introduce yourself: Who are you and what are you doing?

Hi, I am Andreas, I am 28 years old and I am studying American Studies and Sociology at the University of Mannheim.

Which three keywords best describe you?

Spontaneous, optimistic, athletic

Before we talk about business, pleasure first: What are you doing in spare time?

8 easy steps to become an alugha videostar

Everyone is talking about the new innovative alugha. But how is this tool working everyone is crazy about? Who isn’t dreaming about it – reaching the world with your own youtube channel. Wouldn’t there be that silly language barrier. To spread the video in a viral and international way it also has to be translated in different languages. So far that was only possible by uploading a video for each language. Tons of traffic have spammed the Internet day by day, made it slow and provoked unbelievable costs. And now it’s time for some drum roll, a fanfare and confetti – thanks to alugha all those things are not necessary anymore.

alugha with new audio-options and unique DTS 5.1/7.1 surround support

Today we have an update for you that makes us really proud. This update will make YouTube producers as well as their viewers happy! After we already had a bigger internal update with Opus last week (read here), we now have the next big bang!

from now on alugha supports DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND!

A lot of viewers are watching YouTube videos in their living room using high-end audio devices or expensive headphones which support dolby sourround. Unfortunately YouTube only delivers stereo sound. The ones who use an expensive Blue-Ray player know what we are talking about.