alugha goes on Safari – Mac OS X here we come!

There are those moments, when you wake up and you know it’s the last official working day for this week, when you think there won’t happen much today. These are exactly the moments which make a week of such exciting events to an all-round success.

Switched on the computer this morning to do the normal researches about alugha and what do we see?

Install alugha – our download section is finally online!

After we have could happily read quite a lot about alugha in the press, and after we also wrote a lot about our small genius tool ourselves and after the big update of our webpage (News), it’s now time, that you install and enjoy it.

Therefore we especially created a download-section where you find a lot to install. Nothing more to say for now, just visit and install!

alugha extension – beta we are almost there

And we carry on with news this week! During the last weeks we focussed on our player, now it was time to actualise the extension and implement further updates. So far it could happen that YouTube ignored the requests when making a video change. If you wanted to watch a video off a playlist it could have been possible that they did not change. This is now resolved.

alugha with own iOS player for iPad and iPhone

After we have exhausted the last few weeks to get alugha on all desktop browsers to work correctly, we also were working parallel to it eradicate the problems with mobile devices. The problem here is that alugha does not work on mobile browsers, as these simply can not deliver some very important functions . The only way to handle this is an app for those platforms.

Big update for the alugha player

It took us a while till we were able to publish this – very pleasing – status. But finally, we made it! After a lot of work on the optimization and the “fight” against all browser specific peculiarities we made it for the CeBIT… on time! Now our alugha player is supporting a lot of browsers on different operating systems.

alugha with its own video player

It was only a question of time till we decide to develop our own video player. Although YouTube’s little “flagship” is really good and we could have just put a “bar” somewhere below it but for us it was clear this would be a very half-hearted affair in the end. Furthermore, we also wanted to create an opportunity alugha can be embedded everywhere without one have to install a plugin for WordPress or similar platforms.

What operating systems are supported by alugha?

Often users and also video producers ask us if alugha is running on different operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X or Windows XX. alugha is a browser extension, well lets call it extension (Chrome) or also Plug-In (Firefox, Safari…). In the end it does not matter how we call the baby as it is fully browser related. Basically one could say, that alugha always works as long as the browser can install the extension.