A call from space – a radio- and advertising spot produced by our student interns

Aliens contact a space agency but there are major communication problems… That’s how the radio- and advertising spot produced by our two student interns Nikolas and Michael under the direction of Creative Director Arthur, 3D-Animator Manuel and Sounddesigner Steffen at alugha starts. Here’s a brief report on their work. Of course, we are not going to withhold this cool video from you afterwards 🙂

Yeah, around Katarzyna its all about “and action”!

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Katarzyna Paruszewska. At alugha I’m in charge of the video fun. No matter if it’s organisation, finding of ideas or editing, no Film without me. If not everything is rotating about the startup I’m concetrating on photography and free art works.