Las Vegas Collision Conf 2015 – Roundup

It were really two crazy, smashing, exciting but also exhausting days for us in Las Vegas. After our arrival (our previous news with video) we started the crunch time. It wasn’t an easy decision whether to take on all those exertions and if spending the time and effort will be worth while. But as always in life, at the right place to the right time and all doubts are gone.

Gruenderszene is writing about alugha

Die Gründerszene hat einen Artikel über uns geschrieben in dem es um die Seed-Finanzierung unseres StartUps geht.

The German website about StartUps, called “Gruenderszene” wrote a great article about our seed-financing

To read the article (in German) click here: Gründerszene – Innovatives Video-Startup überzeugt Traditionsfamilie Greinert

Press section is online

The re-build of our website is moving forward in big steps. Today we like to show you our new press section. There you will find everything you need to inform yourself about us or to write about us.

You will find the following sites:

Press Releases

Here we are listing all news which are important to us and would like to hand out to you as real press release. Just click here.

Springwise writes about alugha!

What a “crazy” weekend. You sit in front of your laptop to check mails and work on some texts in peace and quiet, then one mail after the other is overflowing your inbox. “You have been mentioned in a tweet….”. Uhm, mentioned in a tweet? Over and over again? What happened? A big grin on the face was waving away the astonishment. No one else than Springwise published a fabulous article about alugha. The nicest thing about this is, that we were not even aware of the fact, they put us on the spot by themselves.

alugha – new style… take over!

alugha is cool, we are convinced about that! And what’s cool, has to look cool, the first impression counts. We have a real genius Designer on board, Arthur Rewak, and one of his first tasks were to get everything into a modern – alugha type – design. We are thrilled to present the top of the pops to you today. So far we used an off the shelf “theme” this now has changed. With the new theme, which we programed ourselves we made sure that readers don’t have to deal with uncountable Widgets, pictures and headlines. The news are the centre, that’s what we want to communicate. A special thanks to Steffen Petri, our company student, who got his head around our system and programed this Theme!

alugha in the press – we got thenextweb’ed

The past weeks have been really crazy – in the most positive sense-. So many little and important Updates in the player, on the server, in the uploader, in the extension, for the Android and iOS mobile Apps….. We really work on everything and the improvement is impressiv. Occasionally the press is noticing us and our little – but brilliant – tool and now and then they write about us.

Best Of Mittelstand… alugha in the top 20!

For a long time only a few people knew about our project but since we started going into public, make presentations, having discussions with others the reaction is always the same: Simple genius! After we won our participation at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam (the news about it here) and got so incredible happy about it we can report, that the “show” goes on!