MinutePhysics: cool physics and other sweet science

As announced, we present to you today the second producer who we support by making a portion of his educational videos multilingually available: MinutePhysics!

First of all, we have an apposite trailer for you:

The YouTube channel MinutePhysics was founded in 2011 by Henry Reich. Meanwhile, the channel consists of 163 videos, has over 3 million subscribers and nearly 250 million views. As the name already suggests, the videos of MinutePhysics explain physics-related topics easily and understandable in around one minute – true to the motto “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” (Albert Einstein). The explanations are supported by time-lapsed drawings.

Learn foreign languages for free with alugha!

For a few weeks, we have a new area of focus at alugha: learning foreign languages! This works great with our multilingual online videos and is also completely free of charge at that. The impetus to delve into the subject gave us the throughout positive feedback at Expolingua in Berlin, on which we exhibited last month.

Big YouTube producers with alugha tweets

In the meantime we got some stir for alugha. Here again two very large YouTube channels that have expressed via Twitter what they think about alugha: