Learn foreign languages for free with alugha!

For a few weeks, we have a new area of focus at alugha: learning foreign languages! This works great with our multilingual online videos and is also completely free of charge at that. The impetus to delve into the subject gave us the throughout positive feedback at Expolingua in Berlin, on which we exhibited last month.

Euronews: Daily news in 13 languages

In this era of technologies and globalisation, everyone wants to be up to date and top informed, no matter where he or she is located. Everyday, uncountable news are adopted in different languages and on different platforms all over the world. To make the whole thing more easy, the news channel euronews committed itself to multilingualism – just as our team at alugha. Euronews is the first multilingual news channel offering a simultaneous coverage in 13 different languages.

My video goes global?

We implemented many little and helpful functions in alugha. A lot of them you see straight away, others only appear if you take a second deeper look. Such a function is the status bar beneath the video, there is a small stat_eye on the right hand sight. Behind this “obvious” unremarkable symbol hides something really important, the information about the language the video was being watched in. The overview looks about like this:

Google Translate and it’s visions of the future

2015 is the year communication becomes quicker, simpler and more innovative. With Google Translate Google is, already since 10 years, one of the pioneers with regards to instant translation and therefore the online communication. There are rumors that the giant is working on a significantly improved live-translating function. But in which direction is Google Translate heading? How are we going to communicate in the future – in 5 to 15 years – and what’s the impact on alugha?

Let’s talk! Niklas: From a juggler of languages to a developing hero!

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what are you doing?
My name is Niklas, I’m 18 years old and one of the developers and entrepreneurs of alugha. But apart from that I’m mostly a student, until examinations it’s only just one more year.

What’s your relationship with alugha?
The whole thing started in september 2012. Then I wrote the prototype of alugha on one weekend, showing that the idea of it would be possible. Since then I developed server and player until the beginning of 2014.

5K and 60 fps – YouTube turns up – and we join in!

Was about time that YouTube presents something new. From now on Users have the possibility to upload and replay videos, believe it or not, with 60 pictures per second (60p / 60 fps). If you now think, that’s it – it’s not.  As well from now on YouTube offers the possibility to upload videos with a 5K resolution. What this means to you and why alugha is even more important than ever – read below.