Review: My time as working student at alugha

Exactly half a year ago, I started working as a working student at alugha in the fields of social media and online editorial. Since my job interview with a difference, a lot of things happened. Find out here, what exactly that was. I’ll give you an insight into my time at alugha and I can already say this much: among other things, it’s about catchy songs, flapper girls, rock musicians, football table duels and of course multilingualism 🙂

Meaningful integration of videos into teaching lessons

An incredible number of videos of every imaginable topic is accessible at all times on the Internet: From explanations of complex physical facts, to historical documentations and background reports, to political speeches. This diversity can enrich not only private users, but lessons in schools as well. Therefore, we are of the opinion that lecturers should use videos more often and integrate them into their lessons meaningfully.

New series: We introduce producers of educational videos on alugha

One of our goals at alugha is to make as many online videos that impart free knowledge available as possible. That’s why we launch a new series today: from now on, every few weeks, we will introduce one of the producers of the educational videos which we provide multilingually on alugha.

We support the distribution of educational videos of different channels which we carefully selected. They cover topics which are – also according to our experience with the education portal hoTodi – highly demanded or near and dear to us. There are, among others, videos about interesting facts from the fields of physics, politics, medicine, astronomy and chemistry. The videos briefly summarize the different facts in a vivid and easily understandable manner. You can definitely learn a lot on these channels.

Team growth! hoTodi does Tutorials again

Our CEO/CVO Bernd Korz founded the video portal hoTodi seven years ago. Meanwhile, the youtube channel, comprising of more than 530 videos, has over 8,000 subscribers and around 3.4 million views. Last year, it became a bit quiet around hoTodi because Bernd concentrated completely on alugha. Yet there has been growth since August: Matthias and Nicole, who we would like to introduce to you in this way. With the two of them on board, there are a lot of new videos and all of them in German and English due to a cooperation with alugha.

alugha lists videos using alugha

During the last weeks and months we collected a lot of videos already using alugha. To make it easier for you to find them, we started a new section on our blog and as soon as we or a producer, who is using alugha for his video, is going to publish a video, you will find it in that list.

Therefor we added a new item to our navigation called Videos. You will find more and more videos in the future here. As on YouTube we adapted their categories to make it easier for you to find out videos that may be interesting for you. If you are looking for a music video then you can see it in the menu item Videos->Music. Currently we added the channel name of each publisher, so if you are looking for e.g. moviemaniacsDE, then you will find all videos they use alugha with. Beside this you can also search for a specific language like Spanish. If you are searching for this term you will find all videos, dubbed with spanish and using alugha.