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Wanna embed the video on your own website? This is the code:

<iframe src="https://alugha.com/embed/yt/?v=ihKPyYwG2Sg" width="640" height="340" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

alugha chrome’s into the wide world

24 Months – 2 Years – This is exactly when the idea of alugha was born. If you look at alugha as if it is a small village you can say that we constantly worked on the planning, while we started building the foundations, measured land, build houses and gardens. The drainage, the streets, the shops…. The idea, the zoning and the city plan were converted into the village. Most of what’s needed has been finished. So we could already publish our Standalone-Player for you some time ago. Publishing videos, which have been improved with alugha, can already be shown to the audience on websites.

alugha extension – beta we are almost there

And we carry on with news this week! During the last weeks we focussed on our player, now it was time to actualise the extension and implement further updates. So far it could happen that YouTube ignored the requests when making a video change. If you wanted to watch a video off a playlist it could have been possible that they did not change. This is now resolved.

alugha automatically play videos in the correct language – another update

After the update is before the update and our small team is working indefatigable to get alugha day by day a bit better. Today we have a news that is just incredible and in fact we had it on our to do list from the very beginning but yeah, it is even cooler than we ever thought 🙂

But enough of the long words, what is it we are talking about? Previously, it was so that if you had a video that ran with alugha loaded, it always started in the original language, you then went on the little globe at the bottom right in the player and then you switched onto the wanted language. This brings several larger (and also smaller) Cons:

Big update for the alugha player

It took us a while till we were able to publish this – very pleasing – status. But finally, we made it! After a lot of work on the optimization and the “fight” against all browser specific peculiarities we made it for the CeBIT… on time! Now our alugha player is supporting a lot of browsers on different operating systems.

alugha supporting Firefox


When we started to work on alugha, we first focussed on one browser, Google’s Chrome. We used this browser to develop and test it. If one looks to the numbers of installations from different browsers it is of course no wrong decision but one can also see that there is another OpenSource browser with quite some success, one browser that is meant to be a pioneer in the world of browsers.

What operating systems are supported by alugha?

Often users and also video producers ask us if alugha is running on different operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X or Windows XX. alugha is a browser extension, well lets call it extension (Chrome) or also Plug-In (Firefox, Safari…). In the end it does not matter how we call the baby as it is fully browser related. Basically one could say, that alugha always works as long as the browser can install the extension.