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Multilingual videos – reach more people with alugha improved videos

When we talk about product placements, brands and messages, the video market has reached a monopoly position over the last few years. Producers, global players and big companies use the internet more often to get products to the end-consumer. Everyone who wants to share a message can spread it very quickly. To get as many users as possible to make the own brand internationally successful, it’s helpful to realease your video in a multilingual way.


alugha makes Apple happy – iOS version now available

It took a while but now it’s there! We reached another milestone for alugha, from now on you can install our iOS player for your iPhone or iPad for free!

The App is available in iTunes App Store, or via your iOS device on our Website. If you click a video on iOS that has been extended multilingual with alugha our player opens automatically. Besides that, all videos that already use alugha will be shown. We constantly improve and extend the iOS and Android Apps, so change requests are welcome at any time!

Install alugha – our download section is finally online!

After we have could happily read quite a lot about alugha in the press, and after we also wrote a lot about our small genius tool ourselves and after the big update of our webpage (News), it’s now time, that you install and enjoy it.

Therefore we especially created a download-section where you find a lot to install. Nothing more to say for now, just visit and install!

Big update for the alugha player

It took us a while till we were able to publish this – very pleasing – status. But finally, we made it! After a lot of work on the optimization and the “fight” against all browser specific peculiarities we made it for the CeBIT… on time! Now our alugha player is supporting a lot of browsers on different operating systems.