Started from scratch

“Alright so here we are in front of the elephants, and the cool thing about these guys is that they have really, really really long trunks. And that’s cool! And that’s pretty much all I have to say.”

What you’re reading here is not the beginning of a book about animals, no elephant documentary – NO, you’re reading the lines, which are spoken in the first YouTube-clip ever! If one had only known then what was set in a motion!


Meet Angry Birds in cinema now

Attention all Angry Bird fans! Starting today, the Angry Birds also fly across the cinema screen. The 12th of May is the release date for the adventure action film in Germany. How the game app got transformed into a narrative and consequently into a film? Click here!


The film’s plot incorporates all elements of the app: The residents of an island, all of them different colorful feathered birds, live a happy and relaxed life, until suddenly a green invasion of pigs takes place:

Make the most out of your App!

Struggling through the App-jungle? No wonder, with more than 1 million Apps on Google Playstore and 900.000 Apps in the Aple Store. The competition is big, at least there are enough good offers! How to make your App outstanding? Here you get answers!

Your App isn’t really successful? Of course, a good placement in the App store, a detailed description of the functions and the use as well as good pictures are really important in order to increase the distribution of the App even further. Picky users are not convinced that easily. There is more needed to get them to buy or download the App. Crucial for gaining the user’s interest are mainly detailed and positive appraisals which give an overview about the do’s and dont’s of the App. Often features and functions are insufficiently explained. And also the small images which are meant to show clearly what it’s all about are not really helpful. Bored endconsumers are the result. Your App is only one of a number of grey mice in the App-jungle.

The HANNOVER MESSE App – Your mobile guide

Download now:
Web App (all mobile phones/tablets):

The HANNOVER MESSE App is the official mobile fair guide to the world’s most important technology event.

The declared goal of HANNOVER MESSE is to create a platform for the interplay between all relevant sectors and technologies – a goal that has now been achieved. No other trade show presents all the elements in the industrial value chain in such a comprehensive and integrated form. The key industrial sectors can display their individual strengths and at the same time engage in interdisciplinary knowledge transfer.

alugha makes Apple happy – iOS version now available

It took a while but now it’s there! We reached another milestone for alugha, from now on you can install our iOS player for your iPhone or iPad for free!

The App is available in iTunes App Store, or via your iOS device on our Website. If you click a video on iOS that has been extended multilingual with alugha our player opens automatically. Besides that, all videos that already use alugha will be shown. We constantly improve and extend the iOS and Android Apps, so change requests are welcome at any time!

The android is calling for alugha. App is coming!


This screenshot let tears of joy flow. After we published the Google Chrome Browser extension last week (article), we even make bigger steps from today onwards. Thanks to alugha, it is now possible to watch multilingual videos on your mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet) with our first public version of our Android App.

alugha extension – beta we are almost there

And we carry on with news this week! During the last weeks we focussed on our player, now it was time to actualise the extension and implement further updates. So far it could happen that YouTube ignored the requests when making a video change. If you wanted to watch a video off a playlist it could have been possible that they did not change. This is now resolved.