Experience online videos realistically: With YouTube into the virtual reality

The world of online videos always has new surprises and innovations ready in order to make the video experience as exciting as possible. Experience videos realistically, the feeling of being in the thick of it? Youtube has brought new features that make exactly this possible: With virtual reality (VR) videos, you can immerse yourself in a three-dimensional reality. All you need is an Android smartphone and a Google Cardboard viewer.

Let’s talk! No basement child: Christian is our guy for Android!

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Christian, since 2009 I’m studying computer sciene at the university of Worms. I also write my master thesis about Mobile Computing, M.Sc. at alugha at the moment.

What’s your relationship with alugha?

I met Bernd in my first year in university and because of same interests we kept contact.

Install alugha – our download section is finally online!

After we have could happily read quite a lot about alugha in the press, and after we also wrote a lot about our small genius tool ourselves and after the big update of our webpage (News), it’s now time, that you install and enjoy it.

Therefore we especially created a download-section where you find a lot to install. Nothing more to say for now, just visit and install!

Android app update to 1.0.2

Short but good news today 🙂 Our Android App is now available in version 1.0.2!

What’s new?

  • The App could break down in seldom cases, this problem is now fixed
  • The search funktion has been substantially improved
  • A navigation bar has been integrated with the search function and locked
  • The player is automatically adjusting the display size when used in landscape mode
  • (more…)

The android is calling for alugha. App is coming!


This screenshot let tears of joy flow. After we published the Google Chrome Browser extension last week (article), we even make bigger steps from today onwards. Thanks to alugha, it is now possible to watch multilingual videos on your mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet) with our first public version of our Android App.

alugha extension – beta we are almost there

And we carry on with news this week! During the last weeks we focussed on our player, now it was time to actualise the extension and implement further updates. So far it could happen that YouTube ignored the requests when making a video change. If you wanted to watch a video off a playlist it could have been possible that they did not change. This is now resolved.

EverythingMe Android Launcher with alugha in German and English

Derzeit gibt es einen richtig interessanten Launcher für Android Smartphones. Wir fanden das Werbevideo wie auch den Launcher so cool, dass wir direkt dem Video dank alugha eine deutsche Sprachspur verpasst haben. Schauts euch an!

There is a brand new and very interesting Launcher for the Android systems. We thought that there infomercial and the Launcher itself was so cool that we had to add alugha support to it so it can be understood in other languages than English as well (currently we added a German audio track)