Release “Berndout”

The time has come! Our film, made and produced by Arthur Rewak as director, Bernd Korz as leading part, and many more people, is finally getting released for you! The film is not only the first production with this line-up, but it also immediately won the audience award at the BermudaShorts short-film festival in Mannheim. We’re more than proud of it and happy to finally share it with you!

start up- smart up

Hello, it’s me. I am Larissa, 21, and I recently started working as a working student at alugha. In the middle of Mannheim and, even better, directly in front of the beautiful Water Tower, I spend some time of the week at alugha. If I am not here or enjoying my free time, I am sitting in the magic castle of Mannheim where I am majoring in media and communication studies and minoring in German studies.


Started from scratch

“Alright so here we are in front of the elephants, and the cool thing about these guys is that they have really, really really long trunks. And that’s cool! And that’s pretty much all I have to say.”

What you’re reading here is not the beginning of a book about animals, no elephant documentary – NO, you’re reading the lines, which are spoken in the first YouTube-clip ever! If one had only known then what was set in a motion!


In a nutshell

This is where our series of showing you some producers of explainer videos on YouTube goes on. Today, we’d like to acquaint you with Kurzgesagt (in a nutshell).

If you’re interested in our opinion of them, click here:

Hard Facts:

The YouTube channel was established in Munich and deals with designing and animating videos, and covers the areas of education, science and commerce. Apart from that, interaction and music are an additional part of their work. Founded in 2013, the channel already counts more than two million subscribers and 40 videos. After not even three years, Kurzgesagt has cooperated with big brands like Microsoft, Audi or Siemens. With a minimalist and colorful design, the channel stays in mind. You cannot only visit them on their website but also in numerous social networks. So they try to explain the world to you – everywhere! To make a long story short – we have a lot in common with them 😉


A call from space – a radio- and advertising spot produced by our student interns

Aliens contact a space agency but there are major communication problems… That’s how the radio- and advertising spot produced by our two student interns Nikolas and Michael under the direction of Creative Director Arthur, 3D-Animator Manuel and Sounddesigner Steffen at alugha starts. Here’s a brief report on their work. Of course, we are not going to withhold this cool video from you afterwards 🙂

alugha shoots a video review on Outfittery

Product reviews, restaurant reviews, feedbacks – reviews that aim at giving an opinion are in fashion. alugha also joins in and shoots a high-end video review on Outfittery for the first time. Of course multilingual.
Outfittery is a German online company where men get free style advice and can subsequently purchase a box with a perfectly balanced outfit.

Let’s talk! Tobias, our student intern in the creative team

Briefly introduce yourself: Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Tobias, I am 17 years old and I am from Walldorf near Frankfurt on the Main. I am still going to school and I am currently doing a three-week student internship at alugha.

Which three keywords best describe you?

Quiet, funny, gamer.