Video & SEO at its best – a new update brings the boost on Google

When it comes to updates, you haven’t heard from us in quite some time. The reason for that is not that we don’t have anything to report. No, the reason is rather that we will roll out a major update for you very soon. It is so big that it even makes us go all dewy-eyed :).

While we are working with the core team on the big update, every week numerous improvements make it into the live system in our deployment rhythms. In addition to the mobile view of virtually every page of alugha, the performance was also (in some cases significantly) improved. When it comes to languages, we currently also step on the gas: thanks to our newcomer Jonas (we will introduce him in detail), we really caught up on the languages Spanish and French, and a lot of the interface is finally available in those languages. But that is only the beginning because soon EVERYTHING on alugha will be multilingual in German, English, Spanish and French.

Experience online videos realistically: With YouTube into the virtual reality

The world of online videos always has new surprises and innovations ready in order to make the video experience as exciting as possible. Experience videos realistically, the feeling of being in the thick of it? Youtube has brought new features that make exactly this possible: With virtual reality (VR) videos, you can immerse yourself in a three-dimensional reality. All you need is an Android smartphone and a Google Cardboard viewer.

Collaboration with european publishers: Digital News Initiative of Google

Google offers European publishers extensive collaboration in the field of “computational journalism” with the Digital News Initiative (DNI). Of the publishers in Germany, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, “Die Zeit”, the “Bauer-Verlag” and “Spiegel Online” have announced their partnership so far. European dailies such as “The Guardian” (Great Britain) and “El Pais” (Spain) have also accepted the offer. Over the next three years, Google wants to stimulate and support innovation in digital journalism with a fund of 150 million euros. Some are skeptical about the matter, with criticism coming from the publisher Axel Springer and the journalism professor Frank Lobigs.

YouTube Red – video giant started paid service

Does this sound familiar: You quickly want to watch a video on YouTube, click Play and what’s coming? Advertisment! Even though it’s just a few seconds, it’s still annoying. Certainly, the company google is aware of this, too. Therefore, YouTube has been ad-free since the beginning of October – however, only for those who use the fee-based YouTube Red. Until now, this paid service has only been available in the US (9,99$ per month), but according to YouTube the implementation in further important markets – including Germany – is planned for the coming year.

A jackpot at Web Summit

Because we love to breathe entrepreneur’s air last week we were on tour again. Just recovered from Pioneer’s Festival we were back on track to visit the Web Summit in Dublin, the biggest tech and social media event of the whole year. Over 2.000 start-ups used the conference to present their ideas to the 20.000 visitors (the attendance has doubled in contrast to the last year). alugha was even able to check out Googles headquarter exclusively.

testCloud | Crowd Testing with Real people. Real devices. Real conditions.

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Wanna embed the video on your own website? This is the code:

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Install alugha – our download section is finally online!

After we have could happily read quite a lot about alugha in the press, and after we also wrote a lot about our small genius tool ourselves and after the big update of our webpage (News), it’s now time, that you install and enjoy it.

Therefore we especially created a download-section where you find a lot to install. Nothing more to say for now, just visit and install!