Weekly technical update 4/3

It ain’t over till it’s over! We are continuously working on alugha and we are not getting tired to add bug fixes and new features. After we deployed the 1.0 we decided that from now on we gonna give you an overview of all those new updates we did during the week every Friday!

We started last Friday and here you will find the list of our latest fixes and updates:

8 easy steps to become an alugha videostar

Everyone is talking about the new innovative alugha. But how is this tool working everyone is crazy about? Who isn’t dreaming about it – reaching the world with your own youtube channel. Wouldn’t there be that silly language barrier. To spread the video in a viral and international way it also has to be translated in different languages. So far that was only possible by uploading a video for each language. Tons of traffic have spammed the Internet day by day, made it slow and provoked unbelievable costs. And now it’s time for some drum roll, a fanfare and confetti – thanks to alugha all those things are not necessary anymore.

alugha goes on Safari – Mac OS X here we come!

There are those moments, when you wake up and you know it’s the last official working day for this week, when you think there won’t happen much today. These are exactly the moments which make a week of such exciting events to an all-round success.

Switched on the computer this morning to do the normal researches about alugha and what do we see?

Public Beta is running and we already get first fixes!


Our Public Beta is hardly running, there is already the first update. With version 1.0.4 we rectified a few important points.

  • If you were watching a YouTube video middle-sized and the following video was an alugha video, this has been resized to small screen. Changing then again to a YouTube video, the chosen screensize had not been kept. This setting is now handed for- and backwords with our new update and therefore the handling has been improved.
  • (more…)

alugha chrome’s into the wide world

24 Months – 2 Years – This is exactly when the idea of alugha was born. If you look at alugha as if it is a small village you can say that we constantly worked on the planning, while we started building the foundations, measured land, build houses and gardens. The drainage, the streets, the shops…. The idea, the zoning and the city plan were converted into the village. Most of what’s needed has been finished. So we could already publish our Standalone-Player for you some time ago. Publishing videos, which have been improved with alugha, can already be shown to the audience on websites.

alugha extension – beta we are almost there

And we carry on with news this week! During the last weeks we focussed on our player, now it was time to actualise the extension and implement further updates. So far it could happen that YouTube ignored the requests when making a video change. If you wanted to watch a video off a playlist it could have been possible that they did not change. This is now resolved.

Hyperlinks and other updates at the start of the week

This week starts straight away with a new update for you! Whilst one is immediately visible and usable for you, the other one will be brighten up the “background”. Let’s start with the obvious. So far hyperlinks haven’t been shown as such when using alugha. If a text contained a Hyperlink (link to a different website), this was just shown as plain text. We could rectify this error with the last update.