Wooosh – It’s all about mobile

Since we last talked about updates, a little while has passed. But that does definitely not mean we haven’t been working hard. Quite the contrary – we worked indeed VERY hard. For those of you who aren’t really interested in details, we’re going to start  immediately with the list of changings we have done 🙂


Video & SEO at its best – a new update brings the boost on Google

When it comes to updates, you haven’t heard from us in quite some time. The reason for that is not that we don’t have anything to report. No, the reason is rather that we will roll out a major update for you very soon. It is so big that it even makes us go all dewy-eyed :).

While we are working with the core team on the big update, every week numerous improvements make it into the live system in our deployment rhythms. In addition to the mobile view of virtually every page of alugha, the performance was also (in some cases significantly) improved. When it comes to languages, we currently also step on the gas: thanks to our newcomer Jonas (we will introduce him in detail), we really caught up on the languages Spanish and French, and a lot of the interface is finally available in those languages. But that is only the beginning because soon EVERYTHING on alugha will be multilingual in German, English, Spanish and French.

It is all about the pace – we’ve released an awesome update!

Since August, we’ve kept you in suspense but now it’s finally here. Our latest update has arrived! When we put something on the server in the meantime, it was small changes which we already wanted to share – always focusing on releasing this update. Today, we aren’t saving the best for last – we are directly starting with it!

Little presents keep a friendship alive

As in recent weeks we have been – despite the crazy weather – active and released another small update on alugha. This time the interface and the usability was our main focus and we optimized various areas. So for example you directly get to the Single Video Page (SVP) when clicking the alugha logo within the player and you can watch multilingual videos within a stylish surrounding. As with our last big update we eventually support Facebook Videos, the Dashboard was far too cramped for us; Channel-Tables are not separated by individual platforms anymore, instead we combined all channels in one table. The logo in the front shows where the respective channels are being hosted. (Yes, we like circles…)  Therefore we also ball-shaped the individual symbols of the avatars of the subscribed channels as well as the own channels (like already on the Producer-Page) and the SVP, and so we come much closer to our desired Look&Feel. In matter of clarity we combined the two “buttons” for channel as well as platform. If you mouse-over, the respective logo of YouTube or Facebook appears and you directly access those pages by only clicking once.

alugha with new audio-options and unique DTS 5.1/7.1 surround support

Today we have an update for you that makes us really proud. This update will make YouTube producers as well as their viewers happy! After we already had a bigger internal update with Opus last week (read here), we now have the next big bang!

from now on alugha supports DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND!

A lot of viewers are watching YouTube videos in their living room using high-end audio devices or expensive headphones which support dolby sourround. Unfortunately YouTube only delivers stereo sound. The ones who use an expensive Blue-Ray player know what we are talking about.

alugha now with improved audio quality thanks to Opus

Audio and YouTube… that’s two worlds clashing. You can see in the below table how that is build up:


Resolution Audio Bit Rate Compression
Original 192 kbps AAC
1080p 192 kbps AAC
720p 192 kbps AAC
480p 128 kbps AAC
360p 128 kbps AAC
240p 64 kbps MP3

Change your password now directly inside alugha

So far you didn’t have the possiblity to change your password within your alugha account. If you created a new alugha account, you directly had to set a password, changing that afterwards was not possible. We could only get the system to generate a new password when sending us an email.


To increase the security, you can now change your password anytime via settings.