Wooosh – It’s all about mobile

Since we last talked about updates, a little while has passed. But that does definitely not mean we haven’t been working hard. Quite the contrary – we worked indeed VERY hard. For those of you who aren’t really interested in details, we’re going to start  immediately with the list of changings we have done 🙂


Synchronisation of videos: process and equipment

We at alugha have made it our goal to provide you with as many multilingual videos as possible! However, only very few videos are available in multiple languages so we dub most of them on our own. Graphic designer Arthur, 3D animator Manuel and video- & photo pro Kasia are our experts in this area. For those who would like to dub videos themselves, we interviewed the three of them about the most important things in the process of dubbing and the required equipment 😉

Video & SEO at its best – a new update brings the boost on Google

When it comes to updates, you haven’t heard from us in quite some time. The reason for that is not that we don’t have anything to report. No, the reason is rather that we will roll out a major update for you very soon. It is so big that it even makes us go all dewy-eyed :).

While we are working with the core team on the big update, every week numerous improvements make it into the live system in our deployment rhythms. In addition to the mobile view of virtually every page of alugha, the performance was also (in some cases significantly) improved. When it comes to languages, we currently also step on the gas: thanks to our newcomer Jonas (we will introduce him in detail), we really caught up on the languages Spanish and French, and a lot of the interface is finally available in those languages. But that is only the beginning because soon EVERYTHING on alugha will be multilingual in German, English, Spanish and French.

Learn foreign languages for free with alugha!

For a few weeks, we have a new area of focus at alugha: learning foreign languages! This works great with our multilingual online videos and is also completely free of charge at that. The impetus to delve into the subject gave us the throughout positive feedback at Expolingua in Berlin, on which we exhibited last month.

Let’s talk! Andreas, our expert for multilingual video game trailers

Shortly introduce yourself: Who are you and what are you doing?

Hi, I am Andreas, I am 28 years old and I am studying American Studies and Sociology at the University of Mannheim.

Which three keywords best describe you?

Spontaneous, optimistic, athletic

Before we talk about business, pleasure first: What are you doing in spare time?

Multilingual videos – reach more people with alugha improved videos

When we talk about product placements, brands and messages, the video market has reached a monopoly position over the last few years. Producers, global players and big companies use the internet more often to get products to the end-consumer. Everyone who wants to share a message can spread it very quickly. To get as many users as possible to make the own brand internationally successful, it’s helpful to realease your video in a multilingual way.