Science with a difference – AsapSCIENCE

Round three here we go: Today we’d like to proceed with our series of showing you some producers of explainer videos on YouTube. After the introduction of MinutePhysics and Ted-Ed, we have the team around AsapSCIENCE for you.

To let you know what this is all about, we first get you teasered in!

MinutePhysics: cool physics and other sweet science

As announced, we present to you today the second producer who we support by making a portion of his educational videos multilingually available: MinutePhysics!

First of all, we have an apposite trailer for you:

The YouTube channel MinutePhysics was founded in 2011 by Henry Reich. Meanwhile, the channel consists of 163 videos, has over 3 million subscribers and nearly 250 million views. As the name already suggests, the videos of MinutePhysics explain physics-related topics easily and understandable in around one minute – true to the motto “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” (Albert Einstein). The explanations are supported by time-lapsed drawings.

Online videos for kids – Entertainment & Education in one!

Should children watch online videos? Nowadays, where children come into contact with the internet from an early age, many parents will ask themselves this question. We say: yes, because the world of online videos holds an incredible number of exciting, funny and educational videos ready. With the YouTube Kids app, YouTube makes a preliminary selection of videos which are especially suitable for children. We at alugha also have our own KidsSpot. The great thing about it? The videos are all multilingual so that children will not only be entertained but can also learn and practice foreign languages at the same time!

New series: We introduce producers of educational videos on alugha

One of our goals at alugha is to make as many online videos that impart free knowledge available as possible. That’s why we launch a new series today: from now on, every few weeks, we will introduce one of the producers of the educational videos which we provide multilingually on alugha.

We support the distribution of educational videos of different channels which we carefully selected. They cover topics which are – also according to our experience with the education portal hoTodi – highly demanded or near and dear to us. There are, among others, videos about interesting facts from the fields of physics, politics, medicine, astronomy and chemistry. The videos briefly summarize the different facts in a vivid and easily understandable manner. You can definitely learn a lot on these channels.

Team growth! hoTodi does Tutorials again

Our CEO/CVO Bernd Korz founded the video portal hoTodi seven years ago. Meanwhile, the youtube channel, comprising of more than 530 videos, has over 8,000 subscribers and around 3.4 million views. Last year, it became a bit quiet around hoTodi because Bernd concentrated completely on alugha. Yet there has been growth since August: Matthias and Nicole, who we would like to introduce to you in this way. With the two of them on board, there are a lot of new videos and all of them in German and English due to a cooperation with alugha.

Let’s talk! Michael animates 3D short movies in his free time

Shortly introduce yourself: Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Michael and I go to the ninth grade. Here at alugha I’m doing a two-week internship in the field of media design.

Which three keywords best describe you?

Perfectionist, animal lover, team player

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Laurel & Hardy speak german

They are one of the most famous comedian-duos of their time and far beyond that: Laurel & Hardy. In the 30s they were in the prime of their carreer and made a huge number of movies. They even wanted to reach their audience in Germany. But how did that work at that time where there weren’t any voice actors?